USB Encoder-cards

Development, design and manufacturing from A to Z.

Keytouch have developed the following two cards, which can be integrated in your system. They have both passed IEC 60945 marine requirements and are available for everyone to buy.

Joystick USB-encoder

Joystick Encoder Card

Designed to convert analogue signals from Joysticks, Levers, Handles etc into USB.

  • 8 analogue inputs 0-5V
  • 15 digital inputs 0-5V
  • USB-interface
  • Appears in Windows as a gaming device
  • Tested according to IEC 60945
  • Enclosure for DIN-rail mount available

Product Flyer

PN: 68110015

Button matrix & trackball USB-encoder

Keyboard-Trackball Encoder card

Keytouch can design a membrane-panel which will work with this card, allowing your custom product a USB-interface without having the cost for electronic-development & testing.

  • Up to 154 buttons
  • Trackball input
  • Dimmable LED-backlight output
  • USB-interface
  • Appears in windows as keyboard & mouse
  • Tested according to IEC 60945

Product Flyer

PN: 68110398 – Currently in stock