REACH statement

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Keytouch Technology is familiar with EU Regulation EC No 1907/2006 REACH. For the materials and components used in our products and which is also subject to the provisions of REACH, Keytouch Technology is considered as a “downstream user”. This means that Keytouch Technology has no registration responsibilities.

Keytouch Technology aquires continuously the necessary information from our suppliers to meet our obligations according to REACH incl. all updates of the SVHC-list connected to the EU Regulation EC No 1907/2006 REACH.

Some customers may require detailed information or individual information for products supplied by Keytouch Technology. The investigation of specific part numbers and individual declarations will apply costs and are not part of the essential and mandatory obligations under the directive. The Management has decided to charge a service-fee of NOK 1.000,- each part.

On request, we kindly ask customers to list current part/s in an Excel spreadsheet together with an authorized PO covering summary of service-fee to the attention of  our Qa departement