Conformity Assessment (RoHS)

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Keytouch Technology do not manufacture or market components in own name, unless specified, and none of our products can function independently, but are included as a component or a part in our customer’s products. Keytouch Technology manufactures components and parts according to customer’s specifications. Hence, Keytouch Technology’s products are classified in accordance with the directive definitions as spare parts.

    • Keytouch Technology complies with the RoHS Directive 2011/65 EU and REACH Regulation EC 1907/2006. This assessment is based on information, certificates and such from our suppliers.
    • Keytouch Technology use only RoHS – and REACH compliant components and raw materials in our production.
  • Keytouch Technology meets the requirements of Norwegian laws.

EC Declaration of Conformity of RoHS

Keytouch Technology can, in agreement with our customers, clearly mark and identify our products. For all products apply that the name and address of the manufacturer, production order, date of manufacturing, raw materials and components can be traced.