Manufacturing services

Development, design and manufacturing from A to Z.

Focus on your main business and let us handle the manufacturing!

Keytouch Technology have machinery and an organization which can be used to manufacture your product, regardless if you choose to do the development yourselves or use us. We can in either case assist you in the industrialization-process and get your product into the market.

Logistics & documentation

Keytouch is a master handling large number of products. We already have over 2000 different products and know how to produce them the same way each time. We will be happy to do this with your product too!

  1. You deliver us documentation for us to use directly or…
  2. We make the documentation for you

Each component will be given a separate partnumber, revision, supplier & prices etc to have 100% control of each part. This will reduce your own number of vendors a lot, and you can focus on other things, like selling the product. We can buy components from your preferred suppliers or we can use our own suppliers. We have quite a large number of suppliers and a lot of experience about who is best on what.

Electronic assembly

Full SMD-line:

Mirae MX200L pick & place machine

Can be used for PCB, Flex & Foil

IPC class 3 certified people to do soldering, assembly, wiring & Test

Sealing solutions

We can do glue- and sealing-operations manually or with our glue dispenser.


Laser cutting

We can do precise cutting of a large variety of materials! Read more here.

Silkscreen printing

As a manufacturer of membrane panels, of course we have large capabilities of silk-printing. We usually print colors & conductive pastes on foil, but can print on other surfaces as well.